Water-and-Fire (Ab-o-Atash) Park

Ab-o-Atash Park:  The park of water and fire!

Ab-o-Atash Park or Boustan of Ibrahim is one of Tehran’s most beautiful parks. The park was opened by the then mayor of Tehran, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf in 2009. The Ab-o-Atash Park is located on the Afrigha Avenue, not far from the Jahan-e Koudak intersection, at the end of the Jubin Alley. The Evan Caspian Pardis Company has managed the construction of this amazing and beautiful park.

Ab-o-Atash Park is one of the newest parks in Tehran which has a different and modern environment and provides a great atmosphere for enjoying your time. The park has full facilities and its close proximity to Tabiat Bridge, Ports Park and Nowrooz Park has made it even more popular. The park has a roller skating rink, a buffet, a café and a restaurant. There is also an amphitheater in the Ab-o-Atash Park. A beautiful lighthouse separates the Ab-o-Atash Park from the Ports Park.

The Tabiat Bridge, the capital’s third urban symbol, is also located in this park. The Tabiat Bridge connects the Ab-o-Atash Park and Taleghani Park on the Modarres highway. It is one of the most outstanding bridges in the Middle East and the world. In addition to its amazing design, the bridge is well-known for its eco-friendliness and excellent earthquake resistance. The Tabiat Bridge is actually a three story bridge with a total height of 40 meters and on one of its floors you can visit the restaurant and its café and enjoy the beautiful view of the city while having a meal or drink. The beautiful and colorful lighting of the Tabiat Bridge and its spectacular view of Tehran and its highways also add to the charm of the bridge.

The Ab-o-Atash Park or the Boustan of Ibrahim is generally a great place to walk, but in addition to the sidewalk, you can also visit the cinema section and enjoy watching special movies with friends and family. The Ab-o-Atash amphitheater has the capacity to accommodate up to 370 people, mostly for social events and occasions. Another interesting part of this beautiful and unique park is the sport section which is appropriate for roller skating, skate boarding and bike riding. In the southern part of the park there are various restaurants and food courts where you can enjoy your delicious meal.

The Abrisham Bridge which connects the Ports Park to the Mina’s Dome, is also located right in front of Ab-o-Atash Park. A special road for carriage riding, a water fountain, a pigeon nest, a fire tower, a pavilion and a green area are also available. Interesting statues are also among the attractions of the Ab-o-Atash Park. This park has an area of 24000 square meters and features four fire towers and a 700 meters tent. The Ab-o-Atash Park with so many beautiful water fountains, skating rink, bike riding path and children’s playground is one of the best places for children and teenagers to have fun. One of the most different attractions of the Ab-o-Atash Park is the Caspian artificial lakes. These lakes have three parts and together they form a small image of the Caspian Sea. The facilities around these lakes include pavilions, buffets and coffee shops. The artificial Caspian Lake and the pavilions around it provide a great opportunity to enjoy the coolness, tranquility and beauty of this park. The Mina’s Dome, with its night sky observation program and scientific-recreational visits, has provided attractive times for astronomy enthusiasts. The lighthouse is one of the most famous and beautiful symbols of the Ab-o-Atash Park, a tall white structure that brings the image of the sea in heart of Tehran.