Aliqapu Palace - Isfahan

Aliqapu PalaceĀ 

Aliqapu, a grand gate to the beauties in the west of Naghshe-Jahan square and in the front of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, there exist a magnificent palace called Aliqapu which means imperial gate. This mansion was one of the wonders of the architecture of the Safavid era, which was built by Shah Abbas I.
Shah Abbas I, accepted foreign ambassadors and high-ranking figures in this palace. After Shah Abbas I, his successors also welcomed their guests at this palace and its extensions, such as the pearl hall.
From the last floor of Aliqapu palace and in its grand hall, Safavid kings and their guests were watching Polo, fireworks and other field shows. The area of this hall is about 480 square meters.


Another beautiful space in this palace is the music hall with beautiful gemstones on the sixth floor. The central area of Hall of Music is approximately 63 square meters. This delightful area has some special artistic delicacy, and the enormous spaces within the Mogharnas are made in various forms. These forms, in addition to their decorative aspect, also play an acoustic role.


What distinguishes Aliqapu as a glorious building, in addition to its wonderful architecture, is the unique decoration in each floor, which has been given by famous artists of the Safavid era, namely, Reza Abbasi and his disciples.
Aliqapu, as a beautifully built palace, is another achievement in the architecture of the Safavid era, which is well illustrated above the entrance of the ancient city of Isfahan and its 1000 years of evolution.