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Daad Hotel in Yazd

Yazd is a very strange city. There is something in this city that creates some mystical feeling. You have this feeling every place of Yazd even the hotel that you are placed in. Since Yazd is one of the most important tourist destinations in Iran, many beautiful hotels have been built in this city which is mainly remarkable.

Of course, these hotels are modern in style and have full facilities but Daad hotel in Yazd is an exception. An old hotel with a traditional Iranian style with many beauties that show the authenticity of Iranian architecture.


Daad hotel in Yazd is eighty years old with unforgettable architecture. Traveling to Yazd and staying in Dad hotel it drives to an essential question, what else is needed for a full-filled pleasure trip? There are a lot of answers to this question, but in Yazd, answering this question is problematic, because the pleasure of travel to Yazd is at its peak.


Staying at the hotel brings you indescribable quiet and maybe it would be an anxiety medicine. The hotel used to be a freight carrier company in the past, and it was renovated in 2001 and then it was put into operation as a hotel in 2007. The hotel has eighty-eight rooms and three floors that all of them are built in a traditional way.

All these beauties in a hotel are really weird. It is hard to believe that an architect has given all those beauties to a building.


Daad hotel is located next to the well-known monuments of Yazd and the architectural style of the hotel is traditional with the central courtyard that is surrounded by rooms. The hotel has a restaurant with traditional foods, two café (one in rooftop and the other in the courtyard), pool and windproof. Daad hotel won STUDIOSUS prize (a prize in Germany for top hotels) because of customer-centric in 2009.


The hotel’s lively quiet convince you to stare beauties of it for hours with a cup of tea, who knows, maybe you are doing your mental analysis during this calmness. Traveling to Yazd makes a lot of memories, the memories that would force you to return and stay at this hotel again someday in your life. The hotel’s rooftop is the most beautiful part, when you go there, you realize why people called Yazd to the city of windproof.