Darband Area - tehran


     Darband is an old neighborhood inside Tehran’s metropolitan limits and formerly a village close to Tajrish in the Shemiran area north of Saadabad Garden. Darband being wonderfully breezy and most refreshing is one of the tourist attractions of Tehran. Darband is situated 1,700 meters above sea level and is the beginning of one of the most popular hiking routes to Mount Tochal of central Alborz. This is why the area is called “Darband” meaning the Door of the Mountain.

For many, the main recreation that brings them to Darband is food tourism by the variety of delicacies offered here. Enjoying popular and delicious food in a clean and refreshing atmosphere, along with the most appealing scenery with friends and family, is an occasion that cannot be so easily celebrated elsewhere in Tehran.

Among the most popular places in Darband, are the various restaurants with different menu styles where you can sit on a flat-couch in the open traditional Iranian house while enjoying customary Iranian dishes. There are many quite popular restaurants and cafes along this 250-meter route.

Some may enjoy the most delicious Iranian cuisines like Fesenjoon, Ghormeh Sabzi, Dizi, and Kebab while admiring the sunset in a relaxed surrounding of Darband traditional restaurants adorned with various beautiful and aromatic flowers while fresh mountain water streams in and around them.

To escape the traffic, pollution, and chaos of Tehran or just to have a memorable evening, many locals and tourists alike head up to Darband, in the afternoon. They may take a hike or just to relax having tea and hookah and saffron ice cream (Sonnati Ice Cream) in the cafes along the route.

Many kinds of delicious Iranian traditional snacks like Lavashak (compressed layers of dried fruits), Qacey (Dried sour and sweet apricot), pickled walnuts, freshly roasted corn, cooked beets and turnip, and ready-made food like, Aush (pottage), and Halim (crushed cereals cooked in water or milk) are offered at shops and carts along the route at Darband.

One of the highlights of the recreational atmosphere of Darband is the elegant view of Darband River with cold crystal clear water streaming through the Osun, Abshar, Imamzadeh Ibrahim, Kauk, Abshir, and Zoon valleys.  

Among the recreational facilities that tourists enjoy in Darband is the Tele-Sij chairlift next to Darband square which was originally used by Pass Qalla village locals and climbers to travel the countryside and mountain routes. Nowadays, people use it as a leisure activity and excursion and to reach higher elevations to set up a picnic across the impressive view of the mountainous scenery.