Dowlat Abad Garden - Yazd

Dolat Abad Garden is a Marvelous Paradox

Garden played an important role in Iran to show the majesty of the state. Iranians had a special interest in building a garden around the mansions as if they were trying to make their image of paradise on earth as reality. Although Yazd province has a desert climate and its people have always suffered from the lake of water resources, however, this province has several beautiful Iranian gardens.


Dolat Abad Garden in Yazd in the heart of the desert has created a marvelous paradox.  This garden involves the mind that how art and beauty have come out of the heart of the unmerciful desert with this magnificence. Dolat Abad Garden belongs to Afsharid and Zand periods that was built by Mohammad Khan Bafghi about two hundred seventy years ago. The garden’s space is about seventy thousand meters and it includes mansions, windproof, cistern, and hall of the mirror. The garden has tallest windproof in the world by thirty-three meters height. It is unique in terms of beauty and elaboration in the world.

The garden has two winter and summer accommodations that summer accommodation is under the tree’s shadows and it is cooled by five pounds. Mansions in the garden, like other traditional buildings in Iran, have a special attractive and their most important feature is symmetry. These mansions were made of marbles that they were brought from Maragheh. The garden had been the residence of prominent people, most notably of them had been Karim khan, the king of the Zand dynasty.


Trees were planted in the garden with a precise geometrical order that creates a striking fit with the garden’s mansions. Water and the role of water in this garden are also important. The water has been scarce and it has been dear for Iranian. The important thing about the garden is, there is a tendency to display water in these types of gardens. In this garden, the architect plays with water, and with indescribable art, he often brings water into the ground and then brings it out. The garden was fed through an upstream aqueduct, but after the aqueduct was destroyed, the garden was fed through the water well.

There is café in the Dolat Abad Garden that serves delicious food and cold drink to visitors. The glory of Dolat Abad Garden cannot be described, you just have to see this garden till you believe in its beauty.