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Alley No . 33 , Abedi St. , behroud Sq. , Payam Blvd , Yadegar imam Highway , Tehran.

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Espinas Palace Hotel

As the capital of Iran, Tehran offers a countless number of accommodation options to the travelers and visitors. Ranging from hostels and 1-star hotels to luxurious, high-quality hotels, there are many places to reserve while you are in Tehran.

Among all the 5-star hotels of the country, Espinas Hotel Group provides the clients with very delightful service. It is, in fact, one of the best hotel groups in Iran. The group started its activities in Astara city in Gilan province in 2002. It then became one of the most successful hotel groups of the country by constructing and developing Iran’s third most luxurious hotel in Tehran. Espinas is the name of a mountain in Iran. Today, the group runs Espinas Astara hotel, Espinas Persian Gulf hotel, and Espinas Palace hotel. The group also aims to develop its growth in 10 more locations and properties.

Espinas Palace Hotel is the last member of the group which has started its activities since 2013. The hotel is among the best 5-star hotels of Tehran and since the beginning, has attracted many guests and visitors. Its unique architecture and design turn it into an attractive place to stay. The hotel has hosted many important figures and people until now and is very well-known. In this article, we will take a closer look at this hotel, its location, and the services that offer.

Where is Espinas Palace Hotel?

Undoubtedly, Espinas Palace Hotel is located in one of the best locations of the capital. Although it is pretty far from the city center, it enjoys great weather as it lies in the northern part of Tehran. Because of its unique location, the guests will enjoy a great view of Alborz mountain in this high-rise building. The area is called Saadat Abad and is one of the finest residential neighborhoods in Tehran. The hotel is 12 km away from Saadabad Complex in Tajrish and 17 km from Mehrabad Airport. In addition, it takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes to reach the hotel from Imam Khomeini International Airport.

What are the Room Types in Espinas Palace Hotel?

If you are considering reserving a room in this luxurious hotel, there will be different options for you. Presidential Suite Hotel features gemstones and handmade carpets and jacuzzi as well as a separate workroom.

Spinas Palace Suite has two king-size beds and 2 separate bedrooms and a separate hall. You can completely separate a room by closing the separate entrance door.

Royal Suite of the hotel has a king-size bed and a separate workroom and bedroom.

Hotel Business Rooms are a set of rooms on the top floor of the hotel. These rooms are reserved for senior executives of organizations, companies, and members of the government. The interior design is amazing. You will also have a great view of the Alborz mountains through the large glass windows if you reside here.

What are the Facilities in Espinas Palace Hotel?

The hotel offers a variety of authentic different restaurants, ranging from Iranian, French and Thai to Mediterranean cuisine. There are also coffee shops, live music, shops, sports facilities, bowling lounges and galleries available in this hotel. Sunset Cafe offers warm drinks in the winter and a variety of syrups and cool drinks with amazing flavors in the summer. It also has a special smoker lounge and offers spectacular views of Tehran. Latoon, Diba, and Sky lounge are other restaurants where you can enjoy a great, high- quality dish.

Spinas Palace Hotel Lounge consists of several meeting rooms and workrooms for up to 1500 people. So, it is a great option for international festivals, seminars, conferences, and exhibitions. It also offers private parking to all guests.

This 20-floor hotel with 400 rooms features luxurious rooms and suites. All rooms offer the best temperature, audio, video, LCD TV, telephone, high-speed wireless Internet access, and satellite news as well as central air conditioning. This modern hotel features both modern and classic designs and utilizes the latest technologies to provide the guests with the best possible service.

How Can I Have Access to Espinas Palace Hotel?

As mentioned before, the hotel is located in Saadat Abad neighborhood between Parvaz Park, Jurassic Park and Milad tower. It is also located close to the Tehran International Exhibition Center. To access the hotel from the airport, there is a specific route in Yadegar highway which takes you directly to the hotel.