Fahadan - Yazd

 Fahadan, an Old City in Heart of Desert

Describing the beauties of Yazd for people, who have traveled to this city, sounds like giving the proof of spherical earth to them once again, useless and unnecessary. I am sure you have heard a lot about spectacular places in Yazd but this text is a personal experience of traveling to the city of wind catchers. Perhaps by this text, with knowledge of attractive places in Yazd, you would enjoy traveling to Yazd as much as me.

Fahadan is a neighborhood in the heart of Yazd that it was a place where, Muslims, Jewish & Zoroastrian live together as neighbors. Fahadan in Persian means wise people. 

A neighborhood has built from water and soil with narrow alleys that they are famous for friendly alleys. Roofed alleys try to keep you away from intense sunlight till you enjoy pleasant weather under those roofs. Everything is dreamy, walls of plaster clay and straw, old cyclists that pass by you, and the best of all, the calm silence that governing on the neighborhood, as if the history has been quietened in this place. As soon as you walk into Fahadan, you feel like maybe you have been away from the real world for centuries. The dream has come true, there are old shops that sell handicrafts in front of you, charming cafes with old traditional architecture. Everything is like that you have traveled in time as if even the people are belonging to the past. 


There are many traditional cafés and hotels in the old city that used to be a house in the past. A pleasant courtyard is in the middle of the house, there is a little pool in the yard that has been surrounded by rooms and sets of lovely things that describing them makes me crazy. The Iranian houses are having a yard in the center to have high privacy, So from the alley, you’ll never see inside the houses. You have to drink cool beverages and fruit juices a lot in Yazd during warm seasons, because of boiling weather that is the most important reason for exciting wind catchers in the building. So we recommend you, certainly try Paloodeh-Yazdi. It is so delicious. 


Some of the other places in Fahadan that you should visit are:
“Bogh-e-Davazdah-Emam”, “Alexanders’s Prison”, “Lari’s House” and “Khaneh-Honar café”.
These buildings belong to the “Seljuk” and “Qajar” periods, respectively. “Bogh-e-Davazdah-Emam” is the oldest building in the neighborhood that maybe not visiting it will make you regret it. Fahadan neighborhood involves you in history and, it makes you dream easily. Most tourists have said that you can spend even a whole day in Fahadan and still wonder of must-see places that you have missed. Probably the main reason is that you feel like exiting it would last dreaming of the old history.