Farsi As You Travel

This is an especial Persian training program that  is held practically for the first time in the world at this level. Having lots of hours of instruction and accompanying with the teacher throughout the journey, the tourists will have this chance to learn Persian in use of daily life. You may attend to this program and take advantage of this program either you already know Persian or you are just a beginner. The possibility of teaching each level at once and improve the Persian knowledge level in a group is something you can gain by taking part in Piranoos Persian language training tours.

How this program works

By purchasing a Piranoos Persian language training tour with the special sign of that below the tour’s name, you will enjoy the highest quality tour in Iran just like a usual tourist. The difference would be on the spare time of having fun and enjoying learning Persian with your guide who is also a Persian language instructor. Piranoos tours are equipped with experts that will help you to understand the extensive history behind attractions. To do so, we have selected different persons as a driver, local guide and the main guide in each tour. However, the main guide would be a Persian language instructor in Persian practical training tours, still you will have separate driver and local guides. 

From the moment you start the tour, you will be in contact with your leader who is also responsible for the Persian language training program. He will measure your ability to speak at first and help you to improve your practical Persian language base on your days on travel. During the tour you will interact with a variety of people, including drivers, local leaders, local salespeople, who will help you get started, practice and refine your conversation.

Most importantly, Iran has different regions and cities, in which people speak Persian differently, with different accents from Tehran. Thus, we have merged the program of Dialogue of Cultures with learning Farsi program in order to get familiar with the culture of local people meanwhile the way they speak Farsi. Tourists, that are learning Farsi during the tour are invited to pre-planned night gatherings in Iranian homes in Tehran and other small or large cities. In this case they can spend their regular and practical courses and talk with different people under the supervision and assistance of their leader who is also their teacher.