Golshan Garden - Tabas

Golshan Garden of Tabas:

A paradise in the heart of the desert!

Golshan Garden of Tabas is a lush garden located between two deserts of Iran, Dasht-e Lut ansd Dasht-e Kvir. This garden is one of the rare Iranian gardens in which there is a constant flow of water and there are various types of plants such as the Cedar tree (which grows in cold regions) and the Palm tree (which grows in tropical regions). Not bad to know that in the Golshan Garden, there are palm trees, over 400 years old, that stand out alongside pomegranate and citrus trees.

As you enter the small, arched doorway of the garden you will notice the beautiful design of this place. Certainly the smart creators of the garden have deliberately designed the entrance space in this way. Since after the closed and roofed entrance, the vast, panoramic view of the garden appears in front of human eyes, which with no doubt will amaze any viewer! As if you are in heaven. Many tourists who have visited the Golshan Garden of Tabas have likened it to the Taj Mahal, the famous temple of love.

One of the most beautiful elements of the garden is the pool and the water creeks and its numerous waterfalls and fountains. The water (the element of life) washes away the dirt from the desert and freshens its face. The design of this garden is based on the description of paradise in the Quran verses, a garden in which the two streams intersect. The highlight of this garden is its springs, where the water reservoir flows out of two fountains into a relatively large pool. Water is supplied through Artesian well and is considered a method of irrigation among Iranian gardens. There are beautiful streets around the pool, but the point is not the way it is arranged, but the contrast between the water and the greenery. Around the pool there are piles of Cedar and willow trees and a few palm trees. The foliage of the lower part of the trees is trimmed, and beneath them bushes of roses and white Petunia flowers can be seen.

Golshan Garden of Tabas in spring is truly one of the most attractive and spectacular attractions of the east of Iran. Everything in this garden is absolutely marvelous. That’s why The Daily Telegraph English website has introduced Golshan Garden of Tabas as one of the most beautiful gardens in whole the world.

Golshan Garden Architecture

The architecture and design of Golshan Garden is based on the original Iranian style of Chahar Bagh. One of the things that makes this garden unique is its equal length and width, and this can only be found in the Gulshan Garden of Tabas and the Taj Mahal of India.

The architecture and beauty of the Gulshan Garden of Tabas has been acclaimed by famous tourists such as Sven Hedin and famous French architect André Godard.

The Garden’s Pelicans Story

Around the mid-1970s, two pelicans entered the lush and colorful Golshan Garden of Tabas as they were migrating from the cold Siberian region to Iran, and chose this pleasant beautiful garden as their home. But one of the pelicans died from the great Tabas earthquake in 1978 but the other Pelican lived in the Golshan Garden for years, up to 2015. Of course, in recent years, a few more pelicans have entered the garden, and because of their compatibility with the nature of the Golshan Garden, they have retained and they made the garden more beautiful. Even from this story a documentary titled – P like Pelican – was made.