Kal Jenni & takhte aroos - tabas

Kal Jenni Tabas

Kal Jenni is located in South Khorasan Province. Kal Jenni is a valley located at north of Tabas and around the village of Izmighan along the outlet of the adjacent ghanaat (subterranean canal). A mysterious land that looks like an amazing miniature of the Grand Canyon of America. Natives have called this beautiful and stunning valley the Jinn Valley and believe that ghosts and jinn live there.

This canyon has tall walls with folds, arcs and mysterious columns caused by floods and erosion through centuries. The tunnels and holes in the walls of the valley are dated back to the Sassanian era. It was also used as a gateway to the cities of Parth, Hegmataneh, Shush and Mesopotamia to Pasargad in the Sassanian era.

Other than the straight and large route to the Kal Jenni Valley, there are several side tracks and wall holes. It is not only the earth that attracts us, but if we look upwards we will see nothing but a blue slit from the sky. Sometimes the valley is so narrow that the sky is not visible. Along the way there is also a narrow water stream coming from the Izmighan spring. This water eventually reaches a ghanaat.

Why Kal Jenni?

This mysterious name has a story for itself. Kal Jenni consists of two parts kal and Jenni. As it was mentioned, kal is referred to as a valley created by floods and water flows and because the residents of the villages consider the valley as a place of Jinni, they added the name Jenni.

Some natives in the area believe that these corridors and bypasses were used in the past as resting stations for Kal Jenni Valley travelers. There is also another belief, that the corridors and the caves in the walls were a secret place for Zoroastrians for performing the religious rituals during the Sassanian era and also at the time of Arab invasion to Iran, when Zoroastrianism was considered a crime.

The historical myths and legends of the natives of an area are sometimes so fascinating and tempting that they leave you no choice but to visit the place. Among them is the story of the kal Jenni canyon in Tabas. Where locals believe you should not go there alone. There are even stories that say that in the past there were those who went into caverns of this valley out of curiosity and never returned. But let’s not forget that these stories are just myths. In the past, many non-native tourists traveling to the Kal Jenni canyon were lost because they could not navigate correctly. For this reason, over time it became common among the locals and tourists that there are jinn and supernatural creatures in this valley!! Another theory implies that if a person stands on this valley on a stormy day, the jinn will hit rocks at him or her. Of course, the rocks and gravels fall due to the strong winds. But locals believe the rocks are thrown by the jinni.

Takhte Aroos

One of the most iconic spots in Izmighan village is Takhte Aroos. The roaring waters of this village lead to Takhte aroos. Takht means bed and aroos means bride so Takht-e aroos means the bride’s bed. This area is called Takhte aroos because of the large white rock that appears on the bottom of its valley. This large white stone is in the middle of the river and looks like a bed because of the water moving on both sides and because of its white color they call it a bride.