Khaju Bridge - Isfahan

Khaju Bridge,

A Bridge Too Far

Khaju Bridge is one of the best bridges of Isfahan over Zayandeh Rood. This beautiful bridge was built in Safavid era. The space around the bridge is a place for people to travel and have fun. Especially during the holidays and mostly in the spring and summer season.

The beauty of this bridge is also an example at night and many people come to this point at the dawn to spend hours of the night and enjoy this beautiful atmosphere.

Historical Aspects 

The pleasures of joy and happiness are always on the side of Khaju. This happiness is coming from musicians who show their art to children who create a different atmosphere with laughter and joy.

Occasionally, officials have implemented special plans on this bridge, including three-dimensional lighting in Nowruz. Between each of the two sides of the bridge, there are buildings that are decorated with paintings. This building was a place for elders and kings for watching especial ceremonies. Occasionally, officials have implemented special plans on this bridge, including three-dimensional lighting in Nowruz (Persian new year).

According to historical documents, Khaju Bridge in the past was not just a simple bridge over the river. But also, it was always a place for fun and gatherings. Historical references have often spoken about the lighting of the bridge and ceremonies. 
The beauty of this place was dwindling for many years in the spring and during the outbreak of Zayandeh Rood water. People were very enthusiastic about sitting along the river and enjoying the beautiful views of the bridge and the river.

The advent of human dimension and the effect of his physical and spiritual presence are most of all in works such as temple and house, but in social buildings such as the bridge, the most important human dimension that emerges is the historical and social identity of the people. As this bridge is never an alien element to the people’s culture and for them it is associated with historical integration and connection with their ancestors.

In the two-sided walls of the bridge, there are arcades that can be seated and slightly restored. Some of the arches are blind and closed, and others are open to the river; these openings portray the city’s landscape in a beautiful frame, as well as an arena with frames on its wall.

The two-sided buildings of the bridge can be used for special functions. Today, one of the buildings has been constructed in a cafeteria. The lower part Bridge has a cozy and comfortable place amongst the bases to relax and relax in the summer. The water passes through the narrow passage between the bases and cools down by blowing the air. The pedestal and platform inside the base have a place to sit.