Lut Star Eco-Camp - Kerman

Lut Star eco camp:

In the fall, the best desert season, the country’s desert areas prepare to welcome nature lovers from all around the world. A large area of the Dasht-e Lut (Lut Desert) is located in Kerman province, which is a unique source of desert wonders.

Lut Star eco camp is located in a lush and beautiful palm grove in the village of Malek Abad, three kilometers from Shafi Abad Castle and 34 kilometers from the magnificent Kaluts of Shahdad. The Lut Star eco camp, built and sponsord by the Mahan Airline Company, is located in the village of Malekabad in the Takab region of Shahdad city. Malek Abad village, which is currently selected as a fascinating tourist destination village, is 18 km from Shahdad, 120 km from Kerman city and 30 km from Kaluts. The Lut Star eco camp with full services of accommodation, catering (with restaurant and coffee shop), safari track, handicrafts workshop and tennis court, etc. is ready to serve tourists and desert enthusiasts and all nature lovers from all over the world. The Lut star eco-camp complex has started operating in the first phase with 28 double-bed tents for accommodation, restaurants and coffee shops, balloon ride (about to be established) and a tennis court in a beautiful palm grove with an area of about ten hectares.

Being close to the natural and historical attractions of Lut Desert, staying in luxury desert tents with full hotel facilities and trained professional staff, active restaurant and coffee shop complex, handicraft booth and the possibility of using recreational services will create a wonderful and memorable time for nature lovers and tourists in the heart of the desert.

Nowadays the Lut Desert Star Eco Camp has 35 luxury accommodation units and is equipped the same as a four-star hotel! These units are mainly in the form of tents and a small number of concrete structures similar to tents, which are located in the middle of a beautiful palm grove which has made this eco-camp unique in its kind. Seeing the beautiful and modern entrance made from the huge trunks palm trees and its reception and lobby, which is a luxury chador, you will realize that the first principles of modern hotel management have been used here. To the right of the entrance to the Mahan Star Echo Camp is a large beautiful tent, which is the Camp’s coffee shop that offers a variety of hot and cold drinks. Behind the reception, tent is the Camp Restaurant, which is run by several local stuff. These ladies, like other employees of the Lut star eco-camp, have taken training courses at the five-star hotels in Istanbul and Dubai. All the staffs are fluent in English.

You will reach the tents by walking through the grove. As soon as you enter the tent, you will come across a kitchen counter that is very modern in design, with a sink and a number of plates, cups and glasses for catering, and an electric tea maker, tea bag and Nescafe.

As you step into the tent, you’ll notice its beautiful parquet flooring. Everything is artistically arranged and equipped. Bathing in a clean and tidy bathroom that has hotel toiletries and bathroom packages such as shampoo, soap, toothbrush, comb and packaged towels can calm a tired traveler more than anything else.

Apart from enjoying peaceful nights in a desert camp other recreational facilities at the Lut star eco-camp include a four-wheeled motorcycle track, exciting safari with Hilux with a driver, balloon riding, and camel riding.

Other facilities and services provided by the Lut Desert Star Eco Camp for the quests include an unroofed parking lot, a local tour guide, free internet and Wi-Fi in the lobby, and a split heating and cooling system.

Due to its location in the vast plain of Lut, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with so many fantastic and unique natural attractions such as Gandom-e Beryan Tal (the hottest spot on earth) and the mysterious Kaluts of Shahdad, attracts thousands of Iranian and foreign tourists and desert lovers every year. The Lut Desert Star Eco Camp is a perfect example of a natural and very beautiful modern camp where you can enjoy the unique tranquility and beauty of the desert.