Morshedi Hotel - Kashan

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Traditional House


Boustani Alley, Darvaze Isfahan St, Kamal o lmolk Sq, Kashan.

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Morshedi House Boutique Hotel

The traditional hotel of Morshedi House is located in Kashan It is about 11 km to the Kashan Fin Garden and dates back to nearly 250 years ago and can be compared to four-star hotels in terms of quality and facilities. One of the best features of the Morshedi hotel from the users’ point of view is its location. The hotel is only 5 minutes from Kashan city center.

Thanks to the promotion of the tourism industry of Kashan, the Morshedi House (which was almost destroyed) became a magnificent boutique four-star hotel and thanks to the experienced staff, the magnificent and enchanting architecture and the high-quality foods, we can say that this house is unique in its kind.

The 250-year-old Morschadi House is located on Mala Habibullah Sharif Street in Kashan and is one of the attractions of Kashan city.

In recent years, with its restoration, this historic house has become a luxurious hotel. This hotel with its unique and authentic Iranian architecture is very attractive. This 2-story hotel has eight wonderful rooms, including four double rooms, two triple rooms, and two rooms with five-beds (Shah- neshin and Bad-gir), with all the amenities and facilities along with fascinating Iranian architecture. The Morshedi-house hotel is one of the most exquisite and luxurious hotels in Kashan due to its cozy surroundings, experienced staff, and unique facilities.

The rooms of this hotel are decorated and designed just like the historic aristocratic houses of Iran. At every corner of this hotel, you can see an exquisite handmade Persian carpet and various expensive antiques. All rooms at the hotel have private attached bathrooms and toilets, and the suites also feature a kitchen.

Holding Kashan Recreational Tours for guests, high-speed Internet in the lobby and rooms, parking with capacity of 30 cars, massage services, a beautiful traditional Iranian Howz (pond), traditional Iranian bath, a small beautiful garden with a musical fountain and colorful flowers, traditional tea room offering exquisite Kashani traditional drinks, a coffee shop, a restaurant, and a breakfast buffet and being adjacent to the historical Kashan’s monuments and the famous Bazaar of Kashan are all outstanding features of this house.

You can experience and enjoy the Iranian hospitality at this boutique hotel. The breakfast buffet (15 seats) and the restaurant (90 seats) are on the first floor and the coffee shop (30 seats) is in the basement. With its authentic Iranian design, this hotel is a peaceful and cozy environment for travelers and tourists. The hotel rooms designed in red-and-white, with antique furnishings and comfortable beds, reflect the typical aristocratic houses of the Qajar era.

Apart from being a two-story house, the ground floor and basement, like other houses built in the desert and central part of our country, have created better facilities.

As a result, they have designed and furnished a number of rooms in the basement of the house during the reconstruction of this Mansion. The cool temperature and fresh air of these rooms give you a more comfortable stay in this hotel house in the hot seasons of the year. The traditional 150-meter-long Howz Khaneh with beautiful red and green geranium flowers alongside the blue tiles of the Howz (pond) has provided guests a cool and, of course, relaxing atmosphere.

The beautiful Howz Khaneh is adorned with colorful flower pots and antique objects such as samovars, pottery and jars, a Sherbaphi machine (a wool or silk loom weaving traditional machine in Kashan) and a variety of architectural decorations such as gorgeous plaster works, mirrors, and sash doors and  Orosi windows provide a spectacular view of the Howz house.