Music Museum - Isfahan

Isfahan Music Museum

In a cozy beautiful street in the old neighborhood of Jolfa in Isfahan (Iran’s most important tourist city), far from the Nashsh-e Jahan Square and the famous historic Bazar of Isfahan, the new Museum of Music welcomes you. It’s the second recommended attraction of Trip Advise site for Isfahan with a perfect score of 5.  The importance of art and music in Isfahan has made this city as one of the origins of traditional Persian music.

Isfahan Music Museum is the first and only private music museum in the country that was founded by two Iranian musicians, Mehrdad Jeyhoni and Shahriar Shokrani in 2015. Although it has only been open for a few years, it is quite popular among foreign tourists and Iranian visitors.

During this short time, the Isfahan Music Museum has achieved several achievements and honors, including:

  • Ranked 1st in the International Council of Museums of Iran for Technical Principles and Physical Standards
  • Awarded the title of best Iranian private museum by the country’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization

The Isfahan Music Museum contains more than 300 Iranian musical instruments that are categorized and displayed in various sections. Many of them are no different from what we see in old paintings and miniatures. In this collection you can see musical instruments that are not found in any other country. With the museum’s audio and video facilities, the visitors can watch and hear the instruments playing. Also, live music performances at the end of the tour will make your special tour of the museum more attractive.

This museum is the first private museum of music in Iran that has two halls called National Hall of Music Instruments and Local Hall of Music Instruments which includes a very diverse collection of traditional and modern Iranian music instruments. A part of the museum is dedicated to introducing the masters of music. It is called “Saraye Sar-Ahangan” and in the museum’s music lounge (Saraye musighi), visitors can enjoy live music. Apart from National Hall of Music Instruments and Local Hall of Music Instruments, Saraye Sar-Ahangan and Saraye musighi, this unique spectacular museum includes other sections such as the instrument construction studio, the cafe and the shop. Visiting this instrument construction studio is an opportunity for you to learn how traditional Iranian musical instruments are made and to get acquainted with their various components and structures. The museum’s shop offers a wide variety of cultural products including traditional music albums, musical instruments and music-related cultural products. The music café is a cozy and pleasant place where you can enjoy different kinds of hot and cold drinks after visiting the museum.

Kamanche, which is known as the inspiration of the violin invention and Tar which was said to be an inspiration for inventing the guitar, along with a series of old and modern drums and dohols (a large cylindrical drum mostly used in the east), different types of flutes or Neys (an end-blown flute that figures prominently in Middle Eastern music) ,the antique camel bells and a beautiful and magnificent harp are exposed on the walls or inside beautiful glass containers of the Isfahan Music Museum and explanations are given in Farsi and English for each music instruments and visitors can touch or play some of less valuable musical instruments. Guides are ready to host visitors and accompany them to explain different parts of the museum. The guides of this museum are highly professional, trained and fluent in foreign languages. English and French speaking guides are present every day. Italian and Spanish speaking guides are also present at the museum during the High Season.