Nasir-ol Molk Mosque - Shiraz

Nasir-ol-molk Mosque: The mosque of light and color!

Shiraz is one of the most beautiful cities of Iran. Many tourists visit this amazing ancient city every year. Among the many historical sites of Shiraz that every tourist should visit is the Nasir al-Molk Mosque where the magic of light and color will fascinate everyone.

Nasir ol-Molk Mosque is one of the old mosques of Shiraz. This fascinating masterpiece of Iranian architecture is famous for its colorful lights that are formed by the reflection of daylight in colorful glasses of the orosi windows that create a special beauty in the mosque.

The mosque, which is one of the spectacular monuments of the Qajar era, was built by Hassan Ali Nasir al-Molk in 12 years from 1915 to 1927. Its amazing architecture was the work of Master Mohammad Hassan Memar. It is located in Goud Araban neighborhood, south of Lotf -Ali Khan Zand and near the famous Shah Cheragh Mosque.

Nasir ol-Molk Mosque is a great symbol of Iranian architecture in the Qajar era. A masterpiece of beauty! Because of the beautiful pink color of the tiles and the colorful glasses this mosque is also known as the Pink Mosque.


The mosque has a large courtyard (Sahn) on the north side. The entrance has a large vaulted ceiling adorned with beautiful seven-colored tiles. The entrance door of this mosque is consists of two large wooden doors with enchanting patterns of Roses and Lilies, on top of which is written a poem by Shourideh Shirazi on a marble stone. But the main magic is on the way!

After passing through the vestibule, we come across to one of the most beautiful masterpieces of Mogharnas in Iranian architecture. At the end of the visit, the magnificent Shabestan of the mosque, with its colorful glass and the magic of light and reflection on the hand-made carpets, awaits you. The mosque has two eastern and western Shabestans (part of great mosques with roof and columns).


The western Shabestan has a brick roof and is beautifully decorated. The vault of this Shabestan is on twelve stone columns (as a symbol of the twelve Shia Imams) with spiral designs on them. It also has seven doorways that connect the Shabestan to the mosque courtyard (Sahn), with seven beautiful doors with amazing colorful glasses.

The stone-carving and architecture of this Shabestan is inspired by the Vakil Mosque and the Moshir Mosque in Shiraz and is made of Gandomak stone (a specific type of marble stone extracted from Shiraz mines). This is actually the summer Shabestan. The vaults and walls of this part are decorated with beautiful tiles. The ceiling is decorated with picturesque patterns of flowers and arabesque motifs along with some verses of Quran written in Thuluth calligraphy.


The eastern Shabestan, which is also called the winter Shabestan, has an elegant tiled ceiling with seven columns. In front of this Shabestan is a 6 meter wide porch that is separated from the courtyard by 8 arches and has 7 brick walls adorned with enchanting flower patterns and Quran verses. There is also a door that opens to a water well called the Gavrow and a beautiful small Howz and a corridor in the eastern Shabestan.

The mosque has two Iwan (a rectangular hall or porche), the north and the south, which are not alike, and the north one is more beautiful. The north Iwan has a beautiful and imposing vault called the Pearl Vault, adorned with Quran verses and Islamic hadiths.

Do not miss visiting this unique monument which with no doubt is the most beautiful mosque in Shiraz and its magical colorful orosi windows, elegant vaults and arches and beautiful tiles makes this mosque a fascinating masterpiece of Iranian art and architecture.