Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque - Isfahan

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Light, Color, and More

Sheikh Lotfollah is a historic and famous mosque in Isfahan, a masterpiece of architecture and tiling. Art and architecture in this building have been exhibited at the height of their beauty and the hearts of the viewers are being hijacked.

Many believe that this building does not only have the role of a mosque, and the architect, in an artistic way, has created a space in which even the followers of other religions and all human beings will notice the divine and mystical light there.

What at first glance, seems to be odd, is the lack of a minaret near the dome while in all mosque minarets are an integral part of the architecture. Another wonder that perceives every viewer’s attention is the colors used in place. Colors that guide us to the designs. The designs of the plants and the geometric and paradise, and … When the light shines in these colors, the beauty multiplies.

After passing the corridor you arrived at the main site and under the dome of the mosque. This dome has become one of the most beautiful domes in Iran due to its magnificence, its formal features and dark blue daisies on the white background. The stunning display of light will be a beautiful twist in the inner space below the dome.

The dome of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is one of the most circular domes of the world. That is, the best possible mode! As can be seen, the mosque is shorter than other mosques. This is due to the neighboring Shah Mosque. This dome has a large open mouth. It’s as if he’s been crocheted and sleeping. For this reason, they call it the sleeping dome!

This dome, which is seen from all parts of Naghshe Jahan Square, has a special architecture and design. This feature is that the space below the dome is due to the structure of the two dome shells having a reflection of sound. In fact, by standing in the center of the interior of the dome and producing sound, the sound is heard at a radius of more than 40 meters, at the time when there was no digital speaker.

Believe it or not, the color of this dome changes over the course of the day! Khaki in the morning, pink at noon and gray at dawn!! This dome was so unusual for the people that they used to make legends!

It is said that in order to allow the king to have access to Shaykh Lotfollah Mosque, there was a subterranean underground that allowed the king to meet with this world. Wooden windows are located on the dome floor, which was created to provide the lighting of this section.