Tabiat Bridge - Tehran

A Bridge Between Natures

Tabiat Bridge is almost the first modern structure in Iran. After the revolution (1979), architectures considered the role of humanity and the environment besides engineering aspects.

Tabiat Bridge is a unique bridge in Iran that you may see the south and north of Tehran upon it. This bridge is one of the results of urban sustainable development thought in Tehran metropolitan spatial. There are some reasonable reasons for naming this bridge as Tabiat(nature) Bridge. We are going to talk about why people called it Tabiat and introduce some of the reasons.

In the new approach of Urban Management Science, one of the characteristics of urban structures based on sustainable development is the focus on improving and creating perspectives. Large urban parks are usually suitable for this purpose such as Taleghani and Abo Atash.

Tabiat Bridge is the first footbridge in Iran. This bridge links Abo-Atash Park to Taleghani Park. The bridge is located at the intersection of Tehran’s main arteries like Hemat, Haghani and Resalat highway. Tabiat Bridge has no counterpart in the Middle East, and it is the largest non-car bridge in the country with an area of 7000 square meters.

The structure of this bridge is inspired by traditional Iranian bridges architecture such as Khajou and Sio-Se Pol. These old bridges that are still in place are examples of beautiful bridges throughout history. As you walk on the Khajou Bridge, you are unconsciously willing to stop and watch the water flow.
Bridges are usually built to crossing but unlike other bridges, Tabiat Bridge is a place to stand and enjoy the environment. This bridge brings humanity and nature together, indeed, the bridge itself is a recreational area with restaurants, cafes and some couches to sit and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the bridge. The bridge has three floors including a cafe, restaurant, some types of exhibitions and Trails and cycling.

Tabiat Bridge has incredible lighting design that causes the eyes staring at it. Principles of architecture and artistic taste came together to create such a masterpiece in Tehran. Tabiat Bridge is located in the lungs of Tehran and gives a more beautiful view of this place that is like a forest.
The municipality of Tehran organized a competition for the design of the bridge in 2007. Among the submitted pattern, the design of a young architect named Leila Araghian was selected. She was young and educated and had done something super experienced.

The bridge is designed so that you can pause and look around the bridge, maybe craving tea or coffee at that moment. Tabiat Bridge has won international award including Aga Khan Award and Architizer Awards, the last one belongs to the architectures that who designed structure to improve the quality of human life. The bridge was designed so that no trees were cut during the bridge construction due to where it was built.

All age groups are welcomed in such a place. Sometimes you see a young man singing and excited because of the beautiful scenery of the bridge and sometimes you see couples stroll on the bridge and talking also smiling, and you may hear the laughter of children running on the bridge.
It is possible when you are walking in Abo Atash park suddenly find out yourself on a high bridge between trees. You would look around and then you would probably notice cars passing under your feet immediately. This place will give you an incredible feeling, a superb calm at forty meters above the ground. It is a magical bridge and you can only see its miracle by being on it.