Tabib Traditional Hotel - Shushtar

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Sang Farsh St, Imam Khomeini Crossroad, Shooshtar.

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Tabib Traditional Hotel

   Tabib traditional Hotel is located in the center of the historical area of Shushtar along Duddal historic district. Construction of the site goes back 200 years to the Qajar era when it was a trade center. As a distinctiveness luxurious home, it is decorated with arcographs, lithographs, brick arrangements, carvings on the wooden doors, and magnificent colored windows. The house is built on four floors: Shovadan (eight-meter deep basement), Shabestan (two-meter deep basement), the ground floor, and the first floor. Tabib Traditional Hotel was renovated and provided with conveniences for tourists in 2016. The Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System is located one kilometer from the hotel. This house has been registered as a National Heritage Site in 2017.