Mahan: A paradise in the heart of Kerman!

One of the most beautiful cities in Iran is located in the southeast of Kerman province. A few people are aware of its many beauties. Mahan is a spectacular city with the most pleasant climate in southeastern Iran in Kerman province. It is the center of Mahan district in Kerman city. Due to its location in the foothills of Joupar and Polvar mountains, this city is one of the most pleasant climates in Kerman province and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Iran. A city with temperate summers and cold winters that so many springs have made it prosperous. According to some historians, Mahan was founded by Azarmahan, who ruled the region in Anushirvan era.

Undoubtedly, this city is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Kerman, but also one of the most spectacular cities in Iran. In addition to its beautiful nature, Mahan also has a very good climate.  Due to its geographical location, there are several beautiful and lush gardens. Pomegranate and grape products are the main products of Mahan. The city has many gardens with world-famous design.

Mahan has so many tourist and historical attractions. Among the historical attractions of Mahan, we highly recommend the Shazdeh Mahan Garden, the tomb of Shah Nematullah Vali, the house of the Shotor Galou, and other fascinating monuments.

Mahan ITTIC and Motevalli Bashi Traditional Hotel are among the best hotels and guests houses of Mahan city.

The Shazdeh Garden:

The Shazdeh Garden is located about 2 km from Mahan and 35 km from the center of Kerman. This garden was built during the Qajar period by the order of Abdul Hamid Mirza Farmanfarma and has been the government center of Kerman for many years. It has an area of about 5 hectares and is a beautiful combination of traditional Iranian architecture and horticulture. Its beautiful ponds and fountains along with fruit trees are some of the attractions of this amazing garden. The water flowing from the garden is supplied by the Tigran Aqueduct (Qanat) and River, which originate from the snow-capped mountains of Joupar. This nationally registered garden also has an elegant entrance, a royal mansion (Shahneshin), and a beautiful bath. The Shazdeh Garden Bath is a historical bath that consists of several sections with unique architecture.

 Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine:

The tomb of Shah Nematollah Vali, also known as Astana, is in fact one of the most perfect and beautiful architectural collections in Mahan. This shrine, with an area of about 35000 square meters, is a historical monument from the Safavid period. Shah Nematullah Vali was one of the most famous mystics and poets of Iran during the Timurid period. At first, the shrine was a single building with a tall dome above a square space inside a large garden, and other buildings were built next to it in later periods.

The historical mansion of the tomb of Shah Nematullah Vali and the courtyards and porches around it are about six thousand square meters. This mansion is a mixture of architectural art of the last six centuries. Some parts of the mausoleum date back to the Timurid era, and the Qajar architectural signs and symbols are also found. Initially, the exterior was decorated with elegant tiles and plaster works. Today, some parts of the façade are still decorated with mosaic and beautiful tiles with Islamic motifs and azure, turquoise, white and gold colors on the west entrance door of the tomb. The other parts of the Shah Nematullah Vali tomb are the two tall minarets, the porch of Shah Abbasi and Dar al-Hifaz, the entrance of Mohammad Shahi, the courtyard of Vakili, the courtyard of Atabaki and the courtyard of Mirdamad.

Shotor Galu Mansion:

Shotor Galu is a mansion belonging to the Razavi Nematollahi family built in the Qajar era. The Shotor Galu is a type of traditional water structure that carries and transfers water from one place to another. If there are obstacles on the waterway, such as roads and rivers and the level of the obstacle is lower than the waterway, the water can be easily transferred by constructing a Shotor Galu. The Shotor Galu as a traditional water structure somehow functions similarly to the function of reverse siphons in today’s water structures. Inside the building is a large and majestic fountain where the sound of a camel caravan can be heard as the water flows inside and this is why its called Shotor Galu (Camel’s throat)! In the center of the Shotor Galu building, there are beautiful pools with high arched domes adorned with Mogharnas.

Haft Bagh (Seven Gardens):

Haft Bagh Alavi Tourism Highway is a spectacular tourist hub that extends from Kerman to Mahan. There are various tourist spots and recreational places on both sides of this highway and many villas have been built in this place.

The Windmill of Mahan:

Kerman Wind Mill Restaurant-Tourist Complex is the largest windmill structure in the Middle East that has a ceremonial use. The building of this coffee shop-restaurant is one of the most unique structures designed and constructed in Iran. Its exterior structure with 26 meters height and 12 meters width in the style of Dutch windmills with 2 floors of the reception hall and one floor of kitchen and facilities.

The Sekonj Village:

The village of Sekonj is located 25 km east of Mahan, on the southern slopes of Mount Polvar. This village is one of the most famous tourist spots in Kerman. In this mountainous and pleasant region, there are two beautiful waterfalls that are worth visiting.

The Joupar Waterfall:

Joupar Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall on the northern slopes of Joupar Mountain in the south of Mahan city. To reach it, you have to go from Mahan road to Khandagh Kharparan village and then climb to Joupar shelter.

Sheikh Baba-Ali Tomb:

“Sheikh Ali-Baba or Baba-Ali” is one of the mystics of the ninth century AH who is known for his asceticism, piety, and dignity. The building of this tomb is a magnificent structure with a high porch, a tall arched dome, a portico, a shrine and a courtyard.


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