Masuleh: The paradise of Iranian stepped villages

55 kilometers from Rasht in Gilan province there is a small town called Masuleh. Masuleh is one of the most famous and historical stepped towns of Iran. Masuleh, as the most beautiful village in Iran, has a history of 800 to 1000 years and is beautiful in all seasons, but tourists prefer summer and spring to visit this historic city. This unique village has about 350 stepped houses built on a slope. A beautiful village surrounded by misty mountains!

The historical and touristic city of Masuleh is known for its unique and spectacular architecture in the world. One of the most interesting features in Masuleh is the difference in height from the lowest spot of the village to the highest spot. Due to the stepped slope of the village, there is a height difference of about 120 meters between the lowest and the highest house. The particular architecture of this village is that the houses are built on a stepped slope. So that the roof of the lower house is the courtyard of the upper house. Wood, stone, and bricks were used to build houses in the area. The houses are small and usually have two floors. The roof of these houses, unlike other houses in northern Iran, is flat. Although the stepped architecture and historical texture of the village are the main features, you can also find enchanting pristine forests, beautiful high waterfalls, high misty mountains and so many amazing natural attractions.

People have beautifully decorated their houses with colorful pots and other local decorative ornaments and when the night comes, with the colorful lights in every house, the main magic of the city of Masuleh has begun to wake you up. It is as if you have stepped into the fairyland.

Masuleh Forest Park:

Masuleh Forest Park is another beautiful and pristine place in the area. The cool and fresh air of this forest park makes it like small heaven surrounded by the mountains. Located on the 35 km west of Fuman city, it is one of the largest parks in the area with 2,400 hectares.

Beech, Alder and Common hazel are among the most diverse plants in this park. Also, the variety of medicinal plants and herbs, along with many amenities, restaurants, gazebo, and kiosks in the area, make it one of the most attractive surrounding areas of Masuleh, especially if this visit is accompanied by eating the local food called Ash-e dough at the park.

The beautiful market of Masuleh:

Although it is attractive enough to climb the stairs and take a walk down the magical alleys of the city, we suggest visiting the city’s market, where villagers make and sell colorful beautiful knitting (especially knitting dolls) or different kinds of jams and pickles at home. The market has four independent levels where Masuleh local handicrafts and other attractive items are always being sold. To put it simply, here’s a festival of sour and sweet foods, and the variety of traditional cafes and restaurants that makes your Masuleh tour unforgettable.

Traditional Masuleh food:

Mirza Ghassemi is one of the most famous dishes cooked in northern Iran specially the city of Masouleh, dating back to 1860 and the return of Qasim Khan Vali from St. Petersburg. Mirza Ghassemi is cooked by grilled aubergines seasoned with garlic, tomato, turmeric, oil or butter, salt and pepper bound together with eggs.

The tomb of Aoun ibn-e Ali:

It is located in the middle of the city of Masuleh. The tomb of Aoun ibn-e Ali is one the three Imamzadeh (a holly tomb of a descendant of a Shi’i Imam) and based on the historical family tree available, it belongs to Aoun ibn-e Mohammad Hanafieh the son of Imam Ali. The beautiful carvings on the tomb of this octagonal monument date back to 969 AH.

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