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Zandiyeh Hotel

During your trip to Iran, there are a variety of accommodation options for you in a city like Shiraz. You can either choose to stay in a luxurious hotel or you can organize a trip on a budget. If you prefer fancy accommodation, then you should better search for the best hotels of the city. There are many 5-star hotels in this touristic destination, but Zandiyeh hotel is one of the greatest that will surely satisfy you.

Hotel Properties and location

Zandiyeh hotel is one of the best hotels in Iran´s historical capital, Shiraz. It is a five-star hotel, located in Hejrat street, next to the Karimkhan Citadel (Arg-e Karimkhan). Because of its great location, you will easily have access to the city center and many tourist attractions. Vakil bazaar and hammam, Pars museum and Nasir-ol Molk mosque, as well as the Karimkhan Citadel, will be within your reach while you stay in this hotel. The hotel is only 20-minutes away from Shiraz airport.

Zandiyeh hotel was built fairly recently and thus, all the facilities and spaces are new, fresh and clean. The hotel provides you with an excellent experience of accommodating in a traditional residence with authentic Iranian architecture.

The hotel’s restaurant is a great place for tasting different dishes. If you prefer to have your meal outdoor, you can easily go to the restaurant located in the garden of the hotel. Eating while watching the dance of the beautiful lights and fountains of the garden will be a joyful experience. Enjoying the pleasant weather of Shiraz and its beautiful gardens, especially during spring has been made possible here. You can also try the traditional restaurant in the hotel. The cozy atmosphere of this restaurant is very charming and it is adorned with traditional elements of Iranian architecture. Make sure to try the delightful Persian dishes at Negarestan Traditional restaurant with its beautiful design and great wall paintings.

You can choose from a variety of dishes at the classic restaurant of the hotel as well. The restaurant offers its services following world standards. Next to the beautiful lobby of the hotel is the lobby lounge and coffee shop, where you can order different drinks and enjoy a varied menu. 

Hotel Amenities

Zandiyeh Hotel Shiraz has a variety of beautiful suites. The business suite is the best for travelers who come to Shiraz for work. It has all the necessary features for such a trip like fax and personal computer.

You can book the honeymoon suite for the best honeymoon ever! The suite is decorated with beautiful flowers and hotel offers fruit, cake, and pastries. Zandiyeh suite is an ideal choice for those looking for luxury accommodation in Shiraz. Internet, balcony, and Jacuzzi are the best reasons for choosing this suite. Here you have a beautiful view of the Darvaz-e Quran (Quran Gate) and the Karim Khan Citadel, too. Besides, the Zandiyeh hotel has 75 rooms and suites on 7 floors with high-quality, standard beds, free high-speed internet, and other convenient amenities. For those who love traditional and authentic Iranian atmosphere, the traditional Iranian bath will be a special and unique option. If you stay in this hotel, you can enjoy the traditional bath with 50% discount. The unique architecture and exhilarating atmosphere of this Iranian bath will amaze you. 

 If you are into sports and fitness, Zandiyeh Hotel is equipped with a sports complex as well. This sports complex has various areas such as swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, vitamin house and gym that will help you to relax.

24-hour front desk, baggage storage, safe deposit box, laundry, and CIP services are other facilities offered in Zandiyeh hotel.

  Distance from Main Attractions 

Distance to Railway Station (21 km and 598m)

Distance to Hafez Street (1 km and 893m)

Distance to Mola Sadra Street (3 km and 357m)

Distance to Tomb of Cyrus the Great (132 km and 987 m)

Distance to Persepolis (57 km and 444 m)

Distance to Naqsh-e Rostam (62 km and 870 m)

Distance to Nasir al-Molk Mosque (2 km and 25 m)

Distance to Karimkhan Citadel (456 meters)

Distance to Vakil bazaar (1 km and 48m)

Distance to Narenjestan Qavam (2 km and 372 m)

Distance to Jahan Nama Garden (2 km and 142 m)

Distance to Delgosha Garden (4 km and 350 m)

Distance to Afifabad Garden (7 km and 234 m)

Distance to Eram Garden (3 km and 706 m)

Distance to Tomb of Hafez (2 km and 912 m)

Distance to Tomb of Saadi (5 km and 267 m)

Distance to Quran Gate (4 km and 422 m)

Distance to International Airport (11 km and 812 m)

Distance to Maharloo Lake (132 km and 115 m)

Distance to Valiasr Metro Station (2 km and 991 m)